Proton Diamond Frankfurt

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Proton Diamond Frankfurt

  • Recommended for Floor Polishing and Slab Polishing
  • For Polishing of Granite Marble Concrete Terazzo Engineered Stone
  • Direct Insert Mounting no need for backer
  • Coarse grits are agressive in removal
  • Fine grits are faster in polishing
  • Fast and Easy Polishing
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used with Line Polishers and Floor Polishers
  • Wet use
  • 22mm Thick, 8mm Abrasive layer thickness
  • For Polish / Repolishing of Granite, Marble and Concrete floors
  • Available in White for light color stones and Black for dark color stones
  • Grits available: 30,50,100,200,400,600,800,1000,1200,1500,3000

    Proton Diamond Frankfurt are embedded with Premium quality diamonds , with high diamond concentration. This translates to faster polishing and improved quality of finish. These are superior for wet polishing.

    Proton Diamond Frankfurt are designed to achieve a high quality polish on Granite Marble Concrete Terazzo Engineered Stone. With their high diamond concentration, they cut well and produce an outstanding gleaming polish quickly and easily.

    Proton Diamond Frankfurt give an excellent quality high gloss polish. They polish rapidly, last well and are excellent value for money. They are recommended for polishing of Granite, Marble, Terazzo, Concrete, Ceramic ,Engineered Stones.

    The following Grits are available:

    PRFD90050 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 50
    PRFD90100 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 100
    PRFD90200 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 200
    PRFD90400 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 400
    PRFD90600 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 600
    PRFD90800 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 800
    PRFD91000 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 1000
    PRFD91200 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 1200
    PRFD91500 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 1500
    PRFD93000 Wet Diamond Frankfurt 3000

    The suggested sequence for usage as below:
    Step A: #50 for grade 1 coarse polishing
    Step B: #100 for grade 2 coarse polishing
    Step C: #200 for grade 3 coarse polishing
    Step D: #400 for grade 1 medium polishing
    Step E: #800 for grade 2 medium polishing
    Step F: #1500 for grade 3 medium polishing
    Step G: #3000 for buffing

    PROTON RIGID Polishing Pad Demonstration Video

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