Proton Final Buff White

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Proton Final Buff - White

  • Premium Final Buff - White for Granite and Marble
  • For Mirror Polishing of Granite and Marble
  • Gives excellent Gloss
  • Fast and Easy Polishing
  • Long lasting
  • Hook and Loop backed
  • Can be used with Hand Polishers and Floor Polishers
  • Wet use only
  • For mirror polishing of bullnose and flat polishing
  • For repolishing of Granite and Marble floors
  • Can be used to mirror polish light or dark color Granite and Marble

    PROTON Final Buff - White is used for mirror polishing Granite and Marble. It gives an excellent gloss.

    PROTON Final Buff - White can be used to polish dark or light color Granite and Marble.

    PROTON Final Buff - White can be used after Diamond Polishing pads for a mirror finish.

    PROTON Final Buff - White brings out the deep gloss from Granite and Marble without the need of any polishing powders which may contain dangerous chemicals.

    PROTON Final Buff - White usage:
    The pad should be used wet only. Wet the surface to be polished and run the polisher preferably at a low rpm and slight pressure until the water dries and friction is created which will heat the stone and high gloss and deep color is produced. Do not run the pad dry for long period of time.

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